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When people tell you that your child will be your "everything" I sometimes wish they'd been more candid -- or I had better capability to realize -- that, at least in the beginning, they may be your only thing.

With a new little baby many things have gone by the wayside including: showers on Sundays; The Daily Show & The Colbert Report; looking at myself in the mirror before I go out the door; dinners that are any more complex than two ingredients; and blogging.

I've barely managed a post once or twice a month. As someone who's kept a diary fairly constantly since I received a pink paisley fabric-covered journal for Christmas in fifth grade, I miss it. Maybe you have missed me too?

So, I invite you to follw me over to micro-blogging at tumblr. I am hopeful that this version of clairest will still allow the outlet, even if it's just a photo from my phone or a brief thought.

But let's be patient with this experiment.



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