Worth It

Remember how I spent the last few days of my pregnancy cobbling together a mobile to go over Calvin's changing table? Well, I think it may have been one of the most worthwhile activities I did to prepare for baby. Childbirth class was also helpful, of course.

Calvin *loves* that darn thing. Some days, when nothing is working to assuage him, we just put him on the changing pad and he delights in the mobile. Sometimes for longer than a half hour! Turn down your volume before you play this video, particularly if you are at work, as Calvin has learned how to squeal.

Maybe (if time permits) this might be a fun next addition to the ceiling, via Say Yes to Hoboken.Though I think I might need to know "when to say when" with the nursery decorating.


Andra said...

I played your video and one of my doggies started howling. :)

Claire said...

That is hilarious, Andra. We do worry about the glass windows breaking with some of the high notes he hits. I could see that dog ears might be particularly attuned to it.


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