Art in Public Places

The "All Creatures Great and Small" exhibit at the Atlanta airport makes me happy. When I was having a bad moment of being peppered by work emails with ridiculous, ADHD type requests and managing still being a breast feeding mother who travels (hello, bathroom stalls and breast pump), this penguin made me happy.
Three thoughts:
1. I really enjoy art in public places.
2. The art of self taught artists is always neat.
3. I need to spend some more time at museums, it seems to have gotten away from me. I shall put the Georgia Museum of Art on the list for a someday visit. Until then, thank you Terminal T.


Georgia Museum of Art said...


We at the Georgia Museum of Art really enjoyed your comments about the exhibition! It's great that art had that effect on you. We hope that you'll indeed come visit the museum and see more of our permanent collection (including folk art, American paintings, prints and drawings) — and we always have a number of temporary exhibitions as well.

If you make it here, please ask our front desk to let us know.

Enjoy art wherever you find it. . . .


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