I once told my old boss, probably with a shrug of my shoulders, while nonchalantly crossing my legs, that, "...I'm not really competitive."  He rolled his eyes and choked back laughter.  I sat up straight, "Wait, really? You think I am a competitive person?"  He laughed like I was joking, insisting that I wasn't in it to win it.
At baby swim class they make us swim a lap of the pool holding our babies above water.  The idea being that if your child were to fall in the water, you could save them with confidence. Say "I got this," and paddle safely to shore.
Me & Calvin @ Swim Class: Winners!
I realized today that I am competitive.  After all the parents lined up at one end of the pool to swim our lifesaving laps, I was the one who'd made it to the halfway point while the others were dawdling at a quarter to a third of the way there.  I looked back and nearly scoffed.  "Are these guys even trying?"  I caught myself thinking... at baby swim class.  

I am competitive.
Though I would prefer to frame it as a commitment to high achievement. 


Ellyn said...

I think you're competitive in a good way... and I'm glad to see you posting again at clairest!

Claire said...

Don't get your hopes up for too many regular posts! But sometimes when I have a thought it's hard to hold back. :)


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