There are some things that I see on Pinterest (the equivalent of a bookmark/picture book world for grown women) and I wonder... who the hell has the time???!!  AAAAGGGGGHHHH!
But then I remember that I probably used to be the person that had the time for these types of things.  (Photo above is described as "cute snack.")

Today Jason called me from work and asked me what I was doing (which seems kind of an obvious answer, "working") I instead sarcastically said, "Making big bucks. Living the dream."  On the drive home I realized that I am "living the dream."  Busy important career; cute kid; husband; great home; living in a great city... just no time to make cute snacks, I guess.   But I am glad for all that I have.  I will take the cute kid over the cute snack. 

( ... )

I find it funny when the best part of an article is within the parenthesis. 

Since "parent" has become a new, central part of my identity, the NY Times is suggesting parenting articles like this one on how moms and dads are choosing "buddy" more often as an affectionate knickname for kids, unlike the "son," or "sweetheart" of years gone by.  

I had to laugh, and sort of give credence to this parenthetical explanation:

(Another possible explanation proposed by Mr. Carpenter’s group: years of watching “Gilligan’s Island” left the term “little Buddy,” the Skipper’s nickname for Gilligan, lodged in their brains. Or maybe it was the jingle from those 1980s commercials for the “My Buddy” doll.)       

I did watch A LOT of Gilligan's Island growing up. And doesn't Calvin kind of look like Gillagan in his sun hat?

Mother Load

I left work today thinking about the literal (and figurative) burdens of being a worker, mom, and wife.  See my burden: dry cleaning, laptop back pack, messenger bag disguising breast pump, and obscured behind dry cleaning was also my lunch bag - to allow me to work through lunch.  I'm a freaking burro, people! It was so noteworthy that I had to snap a pic in the in reflection of the elevator doors.
Years ago I was picking up some stuff for a work event at a convenience store and I was apparently so expertly balancing my load of goods that another woman commented, "I can tell you must be a mom!"  At the time I wasn't, but now I totally know what she meant.  With all that load, note that I still did have a free hand for my phone.

I know that some little subconscious part of me must be ready for fall when I start thinking about jackets and sweaters with elbow patches.  Or maybe I just miss my professor Dad?
Correlated with the fact that the other day I came home and was really happy to put on a pair of socks, I think it must be about looking forward to the cooler days of autumn (already!)    I don't really have any significant Dad-sock memories. 

Find Your Greatness

In high school I had a Nike ad on my bedroom wall. (And it was even before, "Just Do It.")
And they prove their ability to inspire and motivate again with their Olympic ads, encouraging you to "Find your Greatness."
The ads focus on how everyone has their own "peak performance" even if it's not in qualifying Olympic trial time.  Even if it's just that I managed that 5k with under 10 minute miles.

The person I admire at the gym isn't usually the hot girl in the midriff-baring sports bra (hate her, actually) or the muscular weight lifter, but rather, the really overweight girl who's been there every week, patiently toiling on the machines.  The person who has a longer journey ahead of them, but is showing up anyway...finding their greatness.  Like this other ad from Nike. 

Let's add this to life lessons for Calvin.


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