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I find it funny when the best part of an article is within the parenthesis. 

Since "parent" has become a new, central part of my identity, the NY Times is suggesting parenting articles like this one on how moms and dads are choosing "buddy" more often as an affectionate knickname for kids, unlike the "son," or "sweetheart" of years gone by.  

I had to laugh, and sort of give credence to this parenthetical explanation:

(Another possible explanation proposed by Mr. Carpenter’s group: years of watching “Gilligan’s Island” left the term “little Buddy,” the Skipper’s nickname for Gilligan, lodged in their brains. Or maybe it was the jingle from those 1980s commercials for the “My Buddy” doll.)       

I did watch A LOT of Gilligan's Island growing up. And doesn't Calvin kind of look like Gillagan in his sun hat?



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