Find Your Greatness

In high school I had a Nike ad on my bedroom wall. (And it was even before, "Just Do It.")
And they prove their ability to inspire and motivate again with their Olympic ads, encouraging you to "Find your Greatness."
The ads focus on how everyone has their own "peak performance" even if it's not in qualifying Olympic trial time.  Even if it's just that I managed that 5k with under 10 minute miles.

The person I admire at the gym isn't usually the hot girl in the midriff-baring sports bra (hate her, actually) or the muscular weight lifter, but rather, the really overweight girl who's been there every week, patiently toiling on the machines.  The person who has a longer journey ahead of them, but is showing up anyway...finding their greatness.  Like this other ad from Nike. 

Let's add this to life lessons for Calvin.



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