There are some things that I see on Pinterest (the equivalent of a bookmark/picture book world for grown women) and I wonder... who the hell has the time???!!  AAAAGGGGGHHHH!
But then I remember that I probably used to be the person that had the time for these types of things.  (Photo above is described as "cute snack.")

Today Jason called me from work and asked me what I was doing (which seems kind of an obvious answer, "working") I instead sarcastically said, "Making big bucks. Living the dream."  On the drive home I realized that I am "living the dream."  Busy important career; cute kid; husband; great home; living in a great city... just no time to make cute snacks, I guess.   But I am glad for all that I have.  I will take the cute kid over the cute snack. 


Ellyn said...

6I agree: cute kid definitely wins. And your kid is super super cute!


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