Orange You Glad You Know a Florist?

Early on in our relationship I advised Jason that I wasn't a huge fan of red roses. Yes, they were captivating when I was in high school and first started to know what it was like to receive flowers, but I've matured. So have my tastes in flowers.

At the grocery store I'll poke around for something left of center, even if it's a crazy bright green mum. But a real indulgence is visiting a local florist. I'm a sucker for an exquisite orchid stem, especially the orange ones. There are all sorts of unusual flowers, like ranunculus and pincushion proteas and others I know I like, but have no clue what they are called.

I must have been in a really orange mood last Saturday when I was picking up some flowers to decorate the house for our guests. (I conveniently also had an eye doctor appointment next door. The eye doctor selected because she takes my insurance, ... and her office's proximity to the florist. What a chore to have to go back to pick up my contacts next Saturday! *sigh*)

I picked up a great tip from my last florist visit: A fellow customer brought her own vase. She selected the flowers that caught her eye, the florist tossed in a few accents and made the arrangement in the customer's vase for no extra charge. Beautiful, easy to tote home, and saving the frustration of getting flowers home only to realize they are too short/tall or need something else to feel full and balanced. The florist makes the arranging look so effortless and quick. She does it with the same ease that I might arrange the milk and OJ in my fridge. Last Saturday I selected a unique green glass vase I received as a birthday gift probably 8 years ago to take to the florist. There was an awkward moment when the florist told me that it wasn't actually a vase, but a container to force a hyacinth bulb. "So... can I still use it as a vase today?" I asked. (Pretty results are pictured. I love the ghostly pale green of those floppy soft leaves.)(For days when I don't have an eye doctor's appointment, Apartment Therapy has tips for arranging grocery store flowers.)


Faisal said...

That really is a better way of picking your doctor than the ones currently out there. Right now, I see which doc has the coolest sounding name. Instead, I should slap their address on Google Maps and see which doc is closest to a Krispy Kreme, or a Cold Stone ice cream, or a ...


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