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Did you know that they raised postage rates earlier this week? I had no idea. I only just overheard it as I was walking out of the Post Office last week and a fellow customer asked about buying stamps.

Do they not bother mentioning this on the news anymore because it's so routine?

I blame the Forever Stamp. No wonder it has the Liberty Bell on it, because now the Post Office takes the liberty to raise their rates every 16th Tuesday. (Or at least it feels this way.) They can do it because it's less disruptive if you've stocked up on stamps that will survive the increase.

A friend mused that even though it now seems inevitable that the rates go up and yeah, you expect it, just like Daylight Savings, you at least want to be reminded of it with a mention on the evening news.

I like pretty stamps though, so when taken by surprise by this price increase I had practically a whole book of spring flower stamps to use. With my next package to mail I put all 11 stamps on the box and then marched to the Post Office and just paid for the balance that I owed. I was returning my stupid camera to Canon to see if they'll repair it under warranty. I felt a little grumpy to expend all the good stamps on this nuisance. (I am a little insulted to pay for shipping on a camera that breaks at just six months old!)

So the question is, do I buy pretty stamps again? Or resign myself to the next price increase, coming soon?


Ellyn said...

I agree-- the frequent postage rate increases are really annoying. I also like pretty stamps, and I was so happy to see the 42 cent sunflower stamps this spring that I bought several packets. I ended up sending some belated thank you's to Joe's Italian relatives with something like TWELVE sunflower stamps per envelope to use them up once the 2 cent increase happened... there was hardly any room for me to write anything on the envelope! Despite the agitation, I vote for continuing to buy pretty stamps. The forever stamps are so bland and dumpy.


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