Retail Endurance Challenge

After two days browsing the retail of Michigan Avenue this weekend, it's no wonder I eventually broke. Jason joked at one point that this is what you do as a tourist in Chicago, "you shop!" Despite 10%+ sales tax.

Sure there is lots more to do in our city, but it seems that shopping finds you, even when you do not seek it. We later walked into Navy Pier and Jason exclaimed, "A mall! What a surprise!"

I was initially fairly disciplined in my retail endurance challenge, only purchasing some hair stuff from Aveda which I'd been looking for. (I am conflicted about these fancy salon hair products. Yes, pretty results, but it becomes a separate chore to find them since they are not carried at the supermarket next to the Dippity Do.)

We addressed a second chore by crossing the street to the Room & Board while our visitors toured the Chicago Harley Davidson gift shop. After Jason's mom pointed out that our bed is the one he had in high school it seemed to emphasize the need for new bedroom furniture. We're thinking of these:
This was still kind of practical.

But my last purchase showed my decreased defenses. I bought a pair of Crocs! No, no, no, not the wide-footed, bright-colored, clog version. The wedges, instead. In chocolate.
A little bit better. I've already thought about how I could maybe discretely cover the brand name. Jason threatened our marriage, but I think he's over it. They are pretty comfy.



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